• Taproots' mission is to provide social and educational outreach prevention.
  • Taproots strives to improve the quality of life by empowering youth, adults and families with knowledge
  • Over thirty years ago Sister Monica Cahill, a BVM educator, dreamed of the development of a program

Our Imani Nia Cultural Arts Outreach program utilizes spoken word, poetry, theatrical performances, music, and other forms of cultural expression to raise awareness about inner-city violence, HIV/AIDS and other challenges of urban living among youth and adults. The program seeks to build participants’ self-esteem while promoting health and wellness, primarily among youth and young adults. A central theme and key factor throughout the program’s performances, workshops, conferences and rallies is communication. Our unique success lies in the instructors’ ability to teach participants how to use their voices to create platforms of expression while moving towards change in their own personal lives, families and communities. Imani Nia programs and activities include:


After School Matters “Colored Girls are Cover Girls” Performing Arts

The mission of After School Matters is to provide Chicago public high school teens opportunities to explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical skills for work, college and beyond.Through our 10 week after school and summer apprenticeship program, adolescent females learn to use creative expressions of prose, poetry, spoken word, dance and music to  promote awareness and positive messages regarding adolescent sexuality, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, self-esteem, body image, relationships, violence,conflict resolution and other socio-emotional and health related matters existing among youth and young adults. The participants learn to “build a platform of expression” through structured activities. Activities include  educational workshops, creative writing, self-reflection, sharing life experiences, community service projects, field trips and presentations from female professionals that  help participants to build self esteem, increase confidence,  improve their self-image and plan for the future. The 10-week program concludes with participants’ showcasing their creative talents and abilities before various audiences.


Speak Life Movement      

“Speak Life” is a group of local artists who come together to address social ills within inner-city communities. Community rallies and gatherings are organized in specific locations open to the community at large including families, adults, youth, organizations, schools, public agencies, churches, law enforcement, businesses and government officials.

The “Speak Life Movement” utilizes cultural arts as tools to address issues of violence in our communities. The “Movement” endeavors to bring attention to this issue in an effort to identify, promote and implement strategies that will create risk reductions in hopes of saving lives and reducing the overwhelming consequences of violent acts. Poets, vocalist and speakers share powerful words while impacting lives that create change. “Speak Life” is an ongoing “movement” in pursuit of change.


Sex in The City

Sex In The City is a cultural arts HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention program presented through artistic performances utilizing poetry, hip-hop, monologues and music as the tools to promote positive health and life choices while increasing awareness and offering education in the area of prevention. Both youth and young adults are educated in an effort to decrease the incidence HIV/AIDS and other sexually diseases in our communities by reducing risky sexual behaviors.

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